Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Warlock

 I like that you love to run.  I'm happy to see you obsess about something that's so good for you.  You now are a more conscientious eater than me.  I had to beg to eat out last night for our Friday night date.  And you were satisfied when I asked to go to Panera.  Sometimes you go to bed earlier than me, and wait up for me watching Netflix on your computer.  I used to go to bed alone, and it was really really lonely.  I like this new arrangement much better, although the best arrangement would be for you to help clean the kitchen with me (to my standards) and then we could go to bed together.  But I don't expect to live in fairy land.  You are nicer to me now and more supportive of my workouts.  Exercising makes me feel good, too.

I think the way you lay your clothes out before a race is super cute, ahem, I mean cool.

Love you forever,


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