Friday, April 01, 2011

A Good Day

-Woke up at 5:30, but only fit a 20 minute run in.
-Boo woke as I walked in the door.  Threw her in the tub for a bath while I showered.
-Cleaned like crazy all morning long.  I can't imagine what my house would look like now if I hadn't done that.
-Fed Boo and Bardo 2nd breakfast at 9 am and first lunch at 10:30
-Contacted two mothers of children that go to Bardo's preschool class.  Arranged one play date for next week.
-Discovered at 11 am that the library doesn't open until 1 pm on Fridays.
-Went grocery shopping.  Saw two friends there.  Bought Bardo and Boo a chocolate muffin to split.
-Got home after shopping and discovered the Warlock's truck in the driveway.  Received chiding about not bringing my cell phone with me.
-Fed kids  2nd lunch and unloaded groceries.
-Built a lego monster with Bardo during Boo's nap time.
-Folded clothes
-Got Nutrimill in the mail today.
-Made Pippi practice the piano after receiving a lecture from her about how I made her practice too long yesterday and so now she didn't want to practice today.  Heard her play her piano tournament piece very very well as I put clothes away and vacuumed my room.  Complimented her as she played and then heard her say, "I'm going to play it again.  This is fun!"
-Read the Nutrimill manual and ground my first two cups of wheat as children watched with fascination.
-Cleared off counter of school papers and garbage.
-Requested Bardo pick up all of his pistachio shells.
-Watched Boo pick up and throw away all the shells.
-Received call from Warlock, telling me he had dinner for tonight.
-Requested children clean up back yard.
-Trimmed tall grass around play set with hedge trimmers.
-Pushed Boo in the swing.  Pushed Bardo in the swing.
-Found socks and dishes found in the backyard all over the kitchen floor.  Quickly picked them up and put them away.  Thought about reminding kids that moving messes to a different room was merely redistributing mess, and then saw my baskets full of stuff to put away and decided I didn't have any right to issue that reminder.
-Greeted the Warlock and A, E, and M at the same time.  Sent A, E, and M with my own kids to the backyard.
-Cleaned pantry floor while the Warlock put the kids to work preparing dinner outside.
-Heard Pippi rebuff someone for the first time.  The conversation went like this:
     A (age 8)-"You like pickles?  I like pickles, too.  We like the same things.  We could be a couple!"
     Pippi- "Uh, no."  (with a smile and deep laugh)
-Discovered Boo was hoarding additional pistachios in her tricycle "trunk."
-Chopped vegetables for about 30 minutes while bunning hotdogs, helping children roast hot dogs, disciplining kids for teasing the dog, retrieving cups from the high cupboard for little people, and locating peanut butter.  I wonder how fast I could have made the salad without the distractions?
-Watched Boo eat a s'more while eating my salad.  Great entertainment.
-Put movie on for the kids.
-Loaded dishwasher.
-Watched Boo dump water on the couch right after I'd told all the other kids that they could not bring water in there.  Doh.
-Sat on couch and watched the movie (Tangled), next to the wet spot with Boo climbing all over me.
-Turned A, E, and M back over to their parents. Snuggled their squirmy baby sister.
-Put my kids to bed with a super short story.
-Announced to the Warlock that I was going to go read in bed and then ran down the stairs, saw the computer and decided to blog.
-Now....onto that book...after I upload a few photos.


tenacious d said...

Quite a full day!

Lisa said...

what a day! I love the glimps into your daily life!