Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pippi's Week

Pippi went to Austin, TX for a school field trip.  The Warlock followed the bus in his truck so he could be a chaperone.  One of the boys in his group said his favorite part of the field trip was hanging out with Pippi's Dad.

Pippi had a field day. I could only go and snap pictures for 15 minutes.  When I was in elementary school, field day was much different.  We had a fifty meter dash, a softball throw, a long jump event, three-legged races, sack races.  The whole school went in the morning and in the afternoon we had a lunch of hot dogs and went to Mrs Bock's plant sale, and then maybe watched a movie.  Pippi's field day was in the afternoon.  The three events I saw were:

The parents buy their kids T-shirts and then the kids sign them before field day begins.
Right before I leave, Pippi let's me take her picture and gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Any bets on how much longer she will embrace her mama in public?  I'm hoping for forever, but I will take whatever I can get.

Pippi had a swim meet, so the whole family had a swim meet.  Pippi beat her previous time in the backstroke.  She also raced the 25m Freestyle and the 25 m butterfly.


Prairie Smoke said...

Whatever the events, field day is lots of fun. Great job in the swim meet, Pippi!

Lisa said...

I bet she'll hug you forever! what fun!