Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer Break Day One

-Woke up at 6 AM hoping for a run.  Bardo, of course was already awake, working his way through a box of graham crackers.  So I worked on last night's kitchen mess.  I have Mutual on Wednesday nights and sometimes I'm not so good at coming home and getting straight to work cleaning.
-Pippi woke up and got herself ready for 8 am swim practice, cap and all.
-Ran around the lake pushing Boo in the stroller.  Sometimes Bardo chased me on his bike, but most of the time I chased him.
-The children decided that they did not want to clean.  Instead, they tied a rope to the balcony and passed books back and forth to each other in a basket, Pippi on the balcony, Bardo on the floor.
-Picked up Pippi's report card and best-reader award at the school since Pippi chose to skip the last day of school so she could play with her cousins.
-Folded and put away 3 loads of laundry.
-Practiced the piano.
-Vacuumed whole house.
-Went to the Swim Shop since Pippi's outgrown her fins and needs a kickboard for practice.
-Went to the grocery store--twice.  Pippi purchased play phones for herself and Boo and Bardo.
-Made a lame dinner that I'm ashamed to record.
-Bathed Boo and found Bardo in the bathtub with her when my back was turned.
-Sang songs to Boo while she sat on my lap at the piano.
-Started Reading the 2nd book in the Fablehaven series to Pippi.
-Started making sprouted bread.  I'll let y'all know how it turns out.


Amberly said...

that is one productive day, miss witch. remember to relax this summer!

Lisa said...

If this day is any indication, you are going to have a busy summer!!