Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gettin' Halloween On

Friday night we kicked off Halloween with a Trunk or Treat with our ward.  Pippi is pictured here with her pirate friend, Mary.

Today I stepped back, made chili and watched the Warlock work his magic.  We turned on The Nightmare Before Christmas, cut open 2 pumpkins and submersed our hands in the goo.  Bardo counted all of the seeds in the small pumpkin for his school project.  However he would. not. say that his pumpkin was small.  Would. Not.  It was medium.  (I thought it was small.)
But mostly, I just think he's cute.

For the carving this year, the Warlock pulled out the dremel tool.  Might as well.  We don't want tools just sitting out in the garage, taking up space, after all.

Pippi designed the large pumpkin.  Bardo designed our small pumpkin.  The Warlock added a few of his own artistic touches.

At one point, the Dremel ran out of battery.  The Warlock went upstairs to take a nice, relaxing break (read: went to play Modern Warfare).  The kids at the same time found a lizard in our backyard.  Suddenly the lizard became their new friend.  They made the half-carved pumpkin a house for him and named him Jack Skelington.  Then, they tired of that game, went up to the play house and named their lizard Jack Sparrows.  I stayed inside, peeking out the window at my three children who play so very very well together (with a lizard) on a happy Sunday afternoon.

Then, we (meaning, the Warlock) decorated the front yard.  Spiders webs, black lights, gravestones, bones, a ghoul to greet trick-or-treaters, and a fog machine...

 Boo had no problem playing with bones and trampling on the graves.  Oh, the disrespect!

 When it got dark, we photographed our scary pumpkin.

If you live close by you should come trick or treat at our house.  You will be richly rewarded.


Pete said...

Wow you guys really know how to celebrate. Wish we could be there!

Lisa said...

Fabulous! I want to come trick or treat! I love getting a glimps into the creativity of the entire family. Witch and Warlock included. Halloween is so much fun and you guys know how to make it Even MORE so!

Stephanie said...

Love all your Halloween spirt! And the pumpkin is awesome. Next Halloween, I challenge you and Nick to get one of those massive pumpkins that weighs more than your kids and carve that with a dremel tool!