Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where Pippi's From

I found the following poem in Pippi's backpack, written for an assignment.  It touched my heart.  Pippi's growing up and everything she thinks about isn't necessarily coming out of her mouth or even shown in her actions.  But her writing is beginning to reveal her.

I'm from birdseed
from millet and sunflower seeds
I am from the yellow walls
that look like banana cream
I am from the hibiscus flower
The rose bush whose long gone 
limbs I remember as if they were my own

I'm from Halloween and blue eyes
from Quinn and Daphne and Stacy
I'm from freckles and height
and from leanness

I'm from do your work and go play 
and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
I'm from birthdays
I'm from Utah and Plymouth
Sushi and homemade cookies
From the brain tumor my sister had 
that she died from
A memory of her is stored 
in my heart


Prudence said...

Very touching poem. I was teary-eyed at the end of it.

tenacious d said...

That is amazing. There just aren't enough superlatives to describe her.

Prairie Smoke said...

I wonder if all those experiences have worked together to make the wonderful person that she is.

MT Missy said...

Tears sprung forth from my eyes, too!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...