Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wherein My House Becomes Covered in Confetti

When Pippi ran into the house to fetch something for Nick, she was greeted by a decorated house with me and her girl scout leader staring at her and then staring up at her friends who were supposed to be shouting surprise and showering her with confetti.  The confetti shower came, and all Rebecca could say was, "I am so not cleaning this up!"

The girls had a delightful hour and forty five minutes eating pizza and cake, doing cartwheels and flips (gasp!) and swinging in the backyard.  They also played a round of twister and sardines.    And some of them enjoyed lighting the birthday candle with my lit lemon smelly candle on the counter. (?!)  Maybe I need to figure out some party games (NOT movie watching) for these older kiddos.


Prairie Smoke said...

Fun!!! Sopunds like a great birthday to me.

MT Missy said...

Happy birthday Pippi! I think I would say the same thing about confetti!!

Lisa Young said...

Birthdays are soo fun! Surprises are even better!