Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Gratitude #7

I'm grateful that my life is so good that it's easy to think of things to me grateful for.  I'm grateful for beautiful music.  Even monotonous tasks seem exciting with the right music.  I'm thankful I get to work with the Young Women.  They are incredible.  I'm grateful for salt.  It really does make things taste better.  I'm also grateful for the filter in my refrigerator that makes my water taste better.  And tonight I'm grateful for fun friends to play volleyball with.


MT Missy said...

I'm grateful for music, too! A friend of mine asked me to accompany her on the piano for a musical number, and I'm grateful for a reason to practice.

Prairie Smoke said...

I am gratfeul I don't hVWE TO breath smoke every day like I did in September. Goodbye forest fires!