Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Gingerbread Extravaganza

Gingerbread house assembly is the Warlock's and my longest standing Christmas tradition.  We had years when we gave up on a tree (pathetic, I know), but I really think we've attempted a gingerbread house every year.  This year we were assistants as Rebecca, Quinn, and Daphne used the cookie and candy as a creative outlet (Rebecca's words).

I was Quinn's assistant.  I didn't head to the garage for the clamps like the Warlock did, and I think I was a little too stingy with the frosting, so his walls kept caving in and the roof kept sliding down.  But we did manage to get a picture before gravity pulled everything into a heap.  Quinn was very proud of his peppermint stick ladder he created so one could climb to the top.

 The gingerbread house was not quite enough to purge all of Quinn's creative energy.  He did some roaring, some yelling, some singing, and some fake glaring.  Sometimes I look at this boys face and think he was made for the stage.

Nick was Daphne's assistant.  He assembled the gingerbread house with ease, using a clamp to hold it in place and put Daphne to work holding the roof together.  And then he found us boring.

 What dear Warlock could possibly be more interesting than your children?  But those of you who know Nick know that he is a brilliant multitasker.  He observed Daphne burying her cookie in frosting, "Now you know, you need to use your tongue to spread the frosting evenly over the cookie," he said glancing up for a moment.  D complied.  One lick and then she headed to the silverware drawer to get a knife.

Rebecca was completely independent on her gingerbread house.  She was very excited about having her own house to decorate so that she could use all the ideas she's been generating since her fist gingerbread house building experience.  We were all impressed with her results.  And she managed to get her house to stay up without using clamps.  What is my problem?!!!


Lisa Young said...

What a blast! I am going to have to make some with my boys!

Prairie Smoke said...

I remember the first year you were married and decided to make gingerbread houses your tradition. Fun!