Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hiking the Peach Creek Trail with the Kiddos

She is gorgeous.

Mud makes her happy.

Daphne's eyes are beautiful, but she doesn't want me to capture them and ruined the picture by attempting to place her hand over the lens.

Camera adverse.  Too bad, Grumplestiltskin.

Mud cookies

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Shells, anyone?

I like this boy.  He makes me smile.  Even when he says he hates school like he's doing right now as I type this.  He's also telling me the 3 different ways that "dumb people" smoke: cigarette, pipe, and cigar.

I needed to scout out Peach Creek for the YW hike.  I planned this trip while I was in Lubbock.  Then I arrived home and felt like I should stay home and clean up my pig sty of a house.  But the children had Peach Creek on the brain, and I did not have the heart to tell them that we were going to do laundry all day the last day of spring break, so we cleaned for awhile and then left while the washer and dryer did their part of the laundry.  Quinn and Rebecca are great hikers.  My shoulders are strong enough to carry Daphne, so I carried her the last mile.  But she was a pretty good hiker for a four-year old in fancy shoes.  In all, we hiked 2.5 miles on flat terrain.  Stopping to play in the water took the bulk of our time.  Quinn and Rebecca did pretty well staying dry, but Daphne was soaked.  I knew she would be, so I was prepared with dry clothes for the walk back to our car. (Go me.)  The rest of us arrived at the restaurant with sand on our pants.


Lisa Young said...

I love all the pictures! It looks like a fabulous hike and one you will remember rather than laundry! Go you!

The Morgan-Donnalley Family said...

What a great way to end spring break!

Jess said...

When did they all get so big??

Prudence said...

So fun! I'm glad you didn't spend your last day of spring break cleaning all day!

Prairie Smoke said...

Wading in the water! I need to come and get my vitamin D3 hiking with you.

The Silly Witch said...

Mom, you would love it! It not even rocky. The kids waded barefoot. It was a fun time.