Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Way it Works at Our House

On Sundays, after church, we get in our jammies.  It's just the way we roll. We have simple meals, sometimes no dinner at all, since we always eat a late lunch.  Nick and I sometimes retire to our room for a nap.  And the kids, they pull out their sleeping bags, and have a campout.  Sometimes it's under the trampoline.  Sometimes it's under the dining room table, and sometimes it's in a fort they've created upstairs.  They've been doing this for several months now.  This week it was the trampoline.  While the Warlock and I were napping, Grandma and Pa snuck into the backyard and had an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids.  Quinn was so excited to find a dollar in one of the eggs.  This week he spent it on a mustache lollipop at the school store.

Around 5:00 pm after they had cleaned up their sleeping bags, they still weren't quite done playing.  They pulled out the parachute.  Quinn, as his head hit the pillow, said, "When Becca goes to college, I'm really gonna miss her."

Me too, Quinn, but sheesh, we still get to have her for more than 6 more years.


Lisa Young said...

I like the way you roll. We are Sunday jammy folk too!

MT Missy said...

Oh I love those pictures! They show the most adorable smattering of freckles! Beautiful & Brilliant. I love you all!

Jess said...

Sounds delightful.

But I kind of have to side with Quinn on this one. ONLY six years until she goes to college????

Prairie Smoke said...

I envy Grandma and Pa! How great it would be to get to come over and visit.

Prudence said...

Your kids looked beautiful in there Easter outfits and I love how you spend Sunday afternoons! Rebecca growing up sooo fast!