Friday, November 07, 2014

Cramped Spaces

This will be fun.  I'm so grateful for clean, running water.  Oh look!  I can clean this kitchen in 15 short minutes.

We are well into our 2014 Home Life Disruption Project.  We sold our Quiet Summer Ln home earlier this fall, after signing a contract to build a Ryland home in Summerwood.  It's the Vivace floor plan, complete with a guest room, extra garage and a launch pad for Rebecca's drum set that we really hope she'll start using.  We drive by everyday to check on the progress.  I have so much respect for the craftsmen that are putting our home together, bit by beautiful bit.

Breakfast every morning in our apt. is like an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.  We can squeeze 4 people into our kitchen, but it's tricky.  I'm afraid times like these reveal my uglier side.  We're watching record amounts of TV. We used to have a shoe shelf.  Now we have a shoe/backpack/coat pile.  It's glorious.

Luckily we have friends.  We have friends dogsitting.  Another friend's catsitting.  And another friend loaned us her digital piano when we discovered that our upright would definitely not make our home life better.  So Quinn continues his piano study.  It's something he can do while he recovers from his broken arm, which he obtained while walking and then tripping and then catching himself.  And then of course, we needed a piano sitter, a service provided by yet another friend.

So you're having a hard time, you ask?  I guess.

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