Saturday, March 03, 2007


So I really need to know something. As a parent am I completely obligated to pretend? Must I pretend to have fun pretending? Because after a winter of pretending to be various characters from the life and storybooks of Pippi, my mind starts to tune out the sentences, "Mom let's play ... You're.... I'll be ....."

The most challenging characters for me to perform are those based on her friends. Ever since the Asplund family gave us their annual Christmas CD, Pippi has enjoyed pretending to be Eric and she wants me to be Eve. Last week when I outright refused to pretend to be one of the Asplunds EVER again she tried to trick me by asking me to play "polar bear family." After I agreed, she told me I was a polar bear named Eve and she would be polar bear Eric. I couldn't believe it, she was trying to trick me into playing the game she wanted me to play.

Finally, yesterday I was in the middle of something and Pippi kept begging me to play Asplund family when I said no, she tried to use the polar bear trick. I tried to convince her to do something else with me, in the end, I finally just, at my wits end, said I wasn't going to pretend ever again.

But today I gave in and played Candyland. How can I resist? I'm glad I did too. Pippi pretended to be Queen Frostine. She was pregnant with Princess Lolly. It just makes me laugh to see my daughter pretending to waddle around with a baby doll zipped up into her footy pajamas.


Lisa said...

Pippi truly has a great imagination!

Prairie Smoke said...

The only way you will ever get enything past this kid is to trade her in for a dumber kid.