Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Well, today was a time to remember those who've passed on before us, many who have served in wars to protect our freedoms. My Mom emailed me a great letter about my grandfather, who served in World War II. It was nice to read, and look at some of his pictures. I love looking at old pictures, so I thought I'd share this one with you.We spent the day picnicking with our Scotch Plains, New Jersey Ward. The Warlock had fun playing softball and baseball. Pippi had fun running around and playing with the other kids and shooting them with her water gun. I also brought a bunch of water balloons so that they could have a water fight. The boys begged to play boys against girls, and I gave in when I saw that it would be 3 against 12. The boys loved getting wet, and the girls loved throwing the balloons at them.

Bardo, however, did not have fun. The picnic started during his nap so he was tired and whiny the whole time. Poor little guy. He eventually crashed on my shoulder after the water balloon fight.


Lisa said...

I really liked the email mom sent too. It was fun to read more about his life, since he didn't really talk about the things he had done.

Principessa said...

Great picture! I love the men and women from WWII era.

Sure wish we could be in a ward with you again!