Thursday, December 09, 2010


My day began at 5:45 am, catching the dynamic duo of Bardo and Boo in the act of making limeade out of lime juice.  Many tears were shed when I put the kibosh on their plans, throwing the lime juice/water/sugar mixture down the drain.

I got Bardo to school on time today, rushed to the grocery store, and then made it to the elementary school just in time for the jingle bell jog with Pippi.  Boo walked 2 laps around the track by herself and then rode in the stroller for three more before she started to nod off.  I was hoping I could count the jingle bell jog as my workout for the day, but it did not even come close to getting my heart rate up.  More and more I'm seeing that the only way I can get a workout is to "ditch" the kids and go to the gym.  As soon as Boo got tired I put her in the car and took her home to bed where she slept another 3 hours.  I busied myself with laundry, cleaning, and starting dinner so I could actually spend time with the kids when they got home.

I picked up Bardo from preschool in the afternoon.  He was in a state.  He demanded a movie when he got in the car.  I usually let him watch, but the way he asked rubbed me the wrong way.  He hit his sister, then told me I wasn't his mom anymore.  I concentrated on the road, trying to deflect all that negativity, "He's just tired.  He's just tired..."  When we got home I took him to his room.  He laid down on his bed for a few minutes while I changed Boo's diaper.  He started to feel better, and we played house boat on his bed.  He took me on a little trip and caught fish for me to eat.  He even spoon-fed me fish in bed.  As Pippi came home the kids sat down for a snack that really seemed more like a meal (since Boo skipped lunch for sleeping).

Bardo ran outside in his bare feet.  I ran after him with his shoes and socks making him put them on.  I'm trying to be firmer about shoes now that it's coldish outside and their feet really do get super dirty.  Not five minutes after Bardo put on his shoes he found some mud to wallow in.  I showed Bardo how to use a stick or a screwdriver to get the thick mud off of his shoes and then we took the scrub brush after them together.  Boo thought it would be nice to drop the shoes in the bucket of water.  I think I saved them before the water had a chance to soak in.  While I was doing all this, Pippi was busy making a sculpture out of foam for my Christmas present. I came back in  to practice spelling words and cleaned up the snack so I could get ready to serve the dinner I was just baking in the oven.

Bardo came in from the outside.  He thought he should remove all the food from the fridge and put it on the table.  I stopped him,  but Boo had already disappeared with the applesauce underneath the table.  She opened our giant bottle and started eating out of it with a spoon.  I quickly put dinner on the table.  Pippi said the prayer.  The kids finished off the jar of applesauce.  Pippi ate the meal I made, but she was the only one

Bath time followed dinner, then story time, and little bit of play time; the kids even managed to squeeze in a squabble over a plastic horse before I decided they needed to go to bed.


Amberly said...

it sounds exhausting but maybe just because I am exhausted. they are darling, you know. and independent. all because that's how you're raising them. you're a wonderful mother.

Prairie Smoke said...

When I read you journal entry, I wonder how I made through every day with little kids. Still raising children was so much more important than playing bingo or shopping.

tenacious d said...

That sounds like a workout to me. You are a dedicated, terrific mom.

Lisa said...

whew! You made it!

Prudence said...

It sounds all too familiar!!!! One day I counted 13 different items of food the my boy dropped on the floor and I had to clean up! They're worth it! I admire you so much for actually playing make-believe with your kids!pirega