Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Locks--A tale of exerting control

Ever since Bardo was old enough to crawl he's been getting into food.  For some reason, I've just allowed it.  You would think I would have learned after this, this, and this, and more.

Lately however I've been feeling somewhat out of control as the messes pile up around me.  So last week when Bardo, while I was on a morning run, spilled a couple pounds of chia seeds on the floor and tried to clean them up by dumping water on them, I felt in the "depths of despair."  Was this truly to be my lot in life until my sweet boy was hold enough to kick out of the house?

The Warlock, ever my hero, quickly installed the locking door knob we've had for a year on the pantry door.  And then, I went to WalMart and bought a bike lock for the refrigerator.  The cashier's jaw dropped when I told her what it was for.  It looks a little excessive, but refrigerator locks don't work against my hungry boy.  We needed a high security bike lock.  And it works like a charm.  Within two days, Bardo was eating meals instead of filling up on fruit and crackers from the fridge and pantry.  It's a beautiful thing.  Maybe we can even start buying ice cream again.

Bardo is channeling is refrigerator obsession in a new and interesting way in this picture.  Check out that shine!


Prudence said...

I should have thought of this for my boy! Great idea and I'm really sad about your chia seeds! I'm really glad Bardo is eating meals now. I don't think we told you how my hubby caught him running up the stairs the day we left with a hot dog in his hand. Bardo looked so guilty when he caught him. My hubby didn't rat him out though. We knew it wasn't anything new!!!! Bardo's look was classic that day!!! He's such a great kid!

Prairie Smoke said...

Great problem solving! Obviously, the shocked checker never had children.